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We help you create beautiful residential or commercial aquariums, including installation and ongoing maintenance of any 10-gallon or larger aquariums. We will come to your site to deliver all the supplies you need and to set up your fresh water, salt water, or reef aquarium.

At Dubey’s Pet World in Graham, NC, we offer weekly and biweekly maintenance options. You can rely on our expertise to make sure your fresh water or salt water aquarium is always a clean, healthy, and interesting enhancement to your indoor environment.

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Small Animal Boarding & Grooming

When your pet needs some extra TLC, we offer professional grooming services at the best prices in town! We do nail, beak, and wing trimming for birds and other exotic pets. In addition, we can board your small pet for additional fees when you need to go out of town for any reason.

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Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

A specialty at Dubey’s is our pond cleaning and maintenance service, which really distinguishes us from the competition. We understand this unique aquatic environment and have all the pond fish and plant life you need to stock your backyard oasis! To keep your pond looking great, we offer monthly maintenance packages as well as spring and fall cleanouts.

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Some exotic animals require a special diet of other feeder animals. We carry wide variety of sizes of both mice and rats (live and frozen available). Quantity discounts available for bulk purchases. In addition to rodents we also offer an assortment of live and freeze dried feeder insects. Our calcium gut loaded crickets and dubia roaches insure your pet receive the highest level of care you can provide. Our worm selection includes mealworms, superworms, redworms, and nightcrawlers. Other special worms such as hornworms and wax worms are available by special order. Feel free to contact us to inquire about special requests. Visit our price page to see what feeders we have available.

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